Feb. 23 

Bruising is fading already.

                     Feb. 21 

Linda can cough and laugh freely! 

All tightness had diminished. 13 days post procedure!!

          Feb. 17

​9 days post procedure.

Linda's commemorative photo of her belly on Feb 6, two days prior to surgery.

         Sept 14

A close up view, 7 months post procedure.

            Feb. 27

​19 days post procedure

           Feb. 19

With steri-strips gently giving it support.

Feb. 20

      March 13, 

   They are all off!

41 days post procedure.

February 10, she was home 48 hours after surgery. The redness is from the adhesive from the gauze it was covered with.

           June 29

5 1/2 months post procedure.

                March 1,

Linda handed Dr. Rose her 42 pg. healing/gratitude story.

March 7 a second

steri-strip came off.

                                           A Spiritual Recovey ~ my colon story

 Bonus and Color Images from Linda's story are here!   See how quickly her incision heals.

               Feb. 15

​The bruising was expected.

Her skin had been through a lot.

Feb. 13 swelling dissipated quickly.

5 days post procedure.

Linda's refuge the day prior to surgery.

           Holy photo bomb!

All of this made it into Linda's Pre-surgery photo.

God's love is like the ray of sun beaming between these two trees. It is always there for us, allow it to flow in. 

Get Well Flowers

            Sept 14

Slathered in scar cream.

                        Feb. 18 

Staples removed today! No it didn't hurt when they came out.  Easy Peazy :) 


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Feb. 16

Who really cares about a scar anyway?

Chakra Chart

Read all of the important paperwork from your medical team as if your life depends on it; because it does.  

March 4 one steri-strip fell off.

Linda shares these photo's with you knowing that this his how she healed, and your experience may be different. She had seen a photo of what the incision might look like prior to her surgery and it helped her ease into her reality more easily. She hopes this will help anyone having surgery or a caregiver know what to expect.   


Feb 24

March 30, Linda began using daily scar cream.

            Feb. 14

It looks great standing up!

6 days our of surgery.

Please take preventative measures so you do not end up with colon cancer. 

If you are over 45 talk to your Doctor. If you have family history of polyps, If you are having symptoms of rectal bleeding or weight loss. Get It Checked Please.  XOXO