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                                                            Kristin Aronson, Ph.D. 
                                             (retired philosophy professor, bioethicist)

September 9, 2019

A Spiritual Recovery: My Colon Story.

ISBN 978-1-6847-0266-4  (sc) ISBN 978-1-6847-2065-7  (e) 

Copyright Linda Crea 2019

     Through a filter of spirituality, optimism, and faith, author Linda Crea shares a remarkable medical adventure following her diagnosis of a precancerous lesion discovered during a colonoscopy.

     A Spiritual Journey contains valuable lessons for other patients, healthcare providers and even medical ethicists like myself.

     Physicians, especially, may not be existential enough. Even when they are aware of a patient’s emotions, they may be oblivious to their philosophies, to the metaphors they use for illness and health. What to a surgeon may be a routine procedure can be to a patient a huge experience carrying a weight of meaning.

     This was certainly the case for Crea, a “spiritual energy worker” by profession, who believes in a Higher Power and in The Law of Attraction (“what you put out and believe will come back to you.”) “ My turmoil had divine timing and would leave me staring face-to-face with God.”

     “Calm, joyful and appreciative” of her own body, even Crea’s subconscious was “overflowing with positivity” as she faced surgery.

     From a philosopher’s skeptical point of view, Crea’s belief is synchronicities, angels, significant numbers and the ultimate goodness of the universe could be interpreted as a kind of self-administered placebo, a benign self-deceit.

     Yet it is impossible to come away from this inspiring book without feeling becalmed and uplifted with a healthy respect for the power of a positive outlook.

     Crea’s lucid and honest writing rooted in a journal she kept of her experience, illustrates the view that optimism and faith could influence medical outcomes and expedite healing.

     Had her book been available during the decades I taught “Ethical issues in Healthcare” to university students, I would have incorporated parts of it into my lectures on “Patient/Physician Relationship” and “Concepts of Health and Disease.”

     A Spiritual Recovery is a vivid mosaic of a spiritual pragmatist’s worldwide view whose author can see a medical center as a “spa” and rename her healers Dr. Rose and Dr. Quartz to conjure the reputed healing properties of the stone. In the end, Crea’s attitude toward her diagnosis and recovery can only be called beautiful.

                                         Kristin Aronson, Ph.D.
                                         (retired philosophy professor, bioethicist)


Here are a few comments received during the three year evolution of; A Spiritual Recovery: 

3-15-16  Dr. Rose Stated, "Everyone should read it."  Please let me know when your first book signing is."  

7-15-18     TW     Stated, “It made me feel like I would like to return back to work as a nurse again.”

11-15-18   HP FL   Stated, "It is a, “You got to read this book.”
                    “It’s about a regular person going about life stuff in a positive way – a good read.”

11-18-18   MS Stated, “I feel inspired to use those practices more!  It was very insightful and you will help a lot of people.”

12-30-19    VS  Was so happy to learn about the chakras relationship to a physical problem.  "This will help my daughter."

8-10-19  Lenny  Stated "You are very funny, I can hear you throughout the book." 

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