Below are some reviews! See what others are taking away from my healing memoir. 

Linda has 60 seconds to explain how Colonoscopies are Glam~

OH BOY!  If you are over 45 or have any other reason to need colonoscopy, you might as well have a little fun with it. YES OR YES? 

I created this hilarious video for a friend, I will call her Judy. Judy purchased A Spiritual Recovery from me personally. A week after she purchased it, she called me and said, "Linda, you won't believe what I did." I said, "What did you do now?" Judy said, "I scheduled a colonoscopy!" I screamed, "Great!, I want to bring you, when is your appointment?" Judy asked me if I was free the following Tuesday.  It was perfect timing! I had nothing scheduled that entire day! I was so happy that she was going in, and that my story helped her get the courage to do this.  

She was seventy-two and had never had a colonoscopy because of frightening stories she had heard. Of course her doctor had been poking her for years to have it done. 

Monday afternoon came quickly, this was the day before her test. I was getting silly by myself, I knew she was preparing for her colonoscopy. I called a friend and we laughed outrageously hard on the phone. We were scheming up ideas that would make the prep for a colonoscopy go smoother for Judy. I got off the phone and created this video with Judy in mind. Oh, she loved the video, she called me right away and we laughed about it!

I hope it makes you laugh too.  

The next day went excellent for her. She had two large non cancerous polpys removed and she was very happy she got it checked.  She was told she has to go for another one in two years and she has no problem going back.  She even gave her doctor and medical facility a stellar review.

I had been open to the idea of changing gastroenterologist doctors too because I moved two years ago. I need another colonoscopy in 2020.  I will use her doctor to perform mine as well! This worked out very well all the way around.

I hope my prep video helps make it easier for you to get through your colonoscopy prep too!  I am the CEO Spokesperson after all!   

Just like in the book, lots of humor. Wishing you an abundance of Blessed Outcomes in your life. XOXO

A Spiritual Recovery ~ my colon story

A Spiritual Recovery is a vibrant mosaic of a pragmatic spiritual world view. Through a filter of optimism, faith, and gratitude, Linda shares her remarkable healing adventure blending compassionate medical care and alternative methods to “heal her body, mind and spirit.”

As Linda faced surgery due to a pre-cancerous lesion on her colon, she knew she was in control and supported by God and the Universe. Adhering to spiritual practices, such as the Law of Attraction and meditation was imperative in order for the most pleasing outcome to manifest. As things turned out, blessings appeared that exceeded any expectations Linda had.   

The author is entertaining in the delivery of her surgical experience. She guides you step by step to a place in your mind where self-awareness and clarity exists. You will radiate a confidence like never before. Once you master the LOA mindset and dismiss negative thought patterns, you will be a magnet which will attract to you what you truly want! 

Linda is a certified spiritual energy healer, prayer practitioner, coach, and Ordained Minister. Linda’s specialties include chakra clearing, affirmations, forgiveness and deep healing guided meditations. Linda is a co-author of “WOKE” an anthology book. 

So many of Linda's spiritual tools were used throughout her story. We hope you enjoy it.  With Love, XOXO 

*Linda or anyone associated with Spiritual Radiance are licensed medical practitioners or therapists of any kind. If you are currently under any medical care, please contact your physician before making any changes to your medical care plan.

A Spiritual Recovery ~ my colon story was not written to tell my personal story alone. It was written to help you; the next guy needing surgery, or with a serious problem to be better able to handle it with ease, grace, and perspective.  

If you have read the book and enjoyed the chapter titled, "What the heck is a chakra," this link I refer to in the book for more information on each chakra.  

If you have purchased A Spiritual Recovery and like the pictures of Linda's, "Speedy recovery surgical pictures," this link is for you! Seeing photo's like this really helped me prior to surgery.

Welcome to Linda's new outreach encouraging everyone 50 and over to have a Colonoscopy.    Linda just turned 48 when she found out she was harboring a pre-cancerous polyp!  There is no way you'll feel a polyp growing inside of you.  Linda teaches YSA, Your Self- Awareness, she was very self aware and she couldn't feel a thing.  

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I have chosen to re-title my book A Spiritual Recovery to:

By Grace ~ The divine power of a positive mind. It has the same content so if you already own it, there is no need to purchase it again.  The 

*If you purchased A Spiritual Recovery from me, I will mail you a, "By Grace" laminated bookmark soon, if you purchased it from a retailer, please email me your address and I will mail you one as well.  

Linda Crea