Due to Covid 19 all in person sessions are cancelled. 

*Linda travels to hospitals and nursing homes or other variety of places where I am needed.
*All sessions will be kept private and confidential. 

*Ordained Minister

*Please note that services are performed or advice given is not a medically approved solution for you.  Please consult with a certified or health care provider before altering your current health care path.

*All of my services are great to be used in conjunction with any conventional care for the "all hands on deck approach."  Working in unison to guide you to your best state of well being.
*Children under 12 parent or guardian must be present and approve the healing for the child.​
*Children over 12 must request and want the healing.

     ​Spiritual Energy Healing Sessions   Effective March 15 Only Distance and coaching calls due to Covid 19. Please stay safe during these unsettling times.
In person sessions are energy healing / chakra clearing session when I am with you in person. You will lay comfortably fully clothed on a message table or sitting in a chair for approx 45 minutes during the session.

Distance energy healing sessions are chakra clearing sessions healings which I can be performe anywhere in the world. I have testimonials so you will get an idea of what to expect.   

Hands on healing session in person:

Plan to be with me an hour with the healing session lasting approximately 45 minutes. You will be laying fully clothed on a massage table with or without a blanket and a pillow.  If it is uncomfortable to lie on your back, chair healings or another method will be performed to ensure you are comfortable throughout the session.

Distance or remote sessions: 

The healing session lasts for approximately 45 minutes.  

It is highly recommended that you are laying or resting relaxed and in a peaceful place during the entire session. Any position you are laying or sitting in is welcome. Your space should be free of electronics and distractions.  

Both Distance and hands on sessions includes a 15 minute phone call prior to the session and another personal call to discuss anything you experienced within 3 days after your session. 

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  ​ Talk Therapy or Coaching Call Sessions

Sometimes it is all about YOU!


I have many videos on You Tube, information on my site on my Facebook pages and group.  The topics I speak on are helpful to many people. When you are in real need of personal support and care, my one on one coaching calls are just what you need to reclaim parts of your life that you don't recognize anymore.  

Energy Healing clears your chakras and energy field of old debris. These energy sessions have an immediate impact on my clients all around the world! They work wonders, however they can't help you with lifestyle component that needs to be addressed that will lead to a long lasting healing. My coaching calls are impactful and seriously life changing.

 You will be in charge of your life and shift from where you are now to where you most want to be!  The list of benefits from healing your life are incredible! Please contact Linda for a Free 30 minute Clarity call.

How can Spiritual Practices be so liberating? 

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