Do you rock during your meditation? 

What does this mean? *this is a favorite on You Tube. 

Before the book launched the co-authors of WOKE put together a FREE E-Book full of tips and a summit too. The video below gives you a peek into each of the topics presented in the Tips E-Book! Log on now for the download of both while it is still available. 

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                Linda Crea 

Author​ of A Spiritual Recovery 

       and Co-Author of Woke 

​    Certified Spiritual Energy Healer 

​    Transformation Coach & Teacher



On February 20th Woke was launched! I am elated to tell you that it achieved #1 New release and #3 and #6 best seller in two categories on launch day.  For a signed copy, press contact Linda above. 

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   Linda's Vision: To create a supportive environment that God would approve of,                                                and where love heals everything.