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      Inside Linda offers you a new way to observe people in your life. She will be your tour guide as you journey through chakra clearings,              and other third eye expanding exercises. During the main feature, "The Mixing Bowl," you will select a few people from your life to                  accompany you using your imagination. This is where self-discovery will occur. The healing portion will leave you feeling uplifted. Your

      heat chakra will expand as you offer all of your invited guests healing energy from Arch Angel Raphael. It is a part of YSA or Your Self-            Awareness and how you feel about things. YES, you matter! 
      Behind cd:
      Define Healing:
      1.  The process of making or becoming sound or healthy again.  "the gift of healing"
      1.  Tending to heal; therapeutic.  "a healing experience" When exploring your personal emotions, know that Emotional Healing is a                   process and every individual will move at their own pace.  Emotions are constantly moving through us, that is why it is important to

      be still and focus on YSA at times. Be gentle with yourself as you immerse in YSA or Your Self-Awareness.

      We are all a work in progress.

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Linda owns the copyright as the Artist requests to remain anonymous.

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  A Spiritual Recovery ~ my colon story 


Here you will find Linda's guided meditation


"Third Eye Amplifier", the "Judge, Jury and Jesus" Song

  and YSA Chakra Bracelets.

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An original recording about a man who lived his life full of hate and crime when suddenly he saw Jesus! 

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