A grateful client posted her testimonial for an Energy Healing Distance Session on January  2019

 "Can I just take a minute to express my gratitude and enlighten those in this group and/or those who may be wondering... I recently had an   energy/chakra healing/opening with Linda Crea and let me start by saying, IT WORKS, IT IS AMAZING!! Having said that, you should know   this detail, I am in Tennessee and she is in Florida..... The connection was real, my chakras have been unblocked and the ENERGY IS   HIGH  & POSITIVE!! I have never felt better... The flow was real and I could feel our soul connection!!! I had a lot of junk blocking my energy   and I mean alot.... I cannot find the words to express how fabulous this is, how real it is..... 
 So for any of you questioning, wondering or debating, STOP!!! BELIEVE THIS!! This is my life changing, love opening, energy healing   testimony.... 
 I am so grateful for Linda and our soul connection!!! 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

    Thank You Steph,  I truly appreciate you sharing, it will spread the awareness that indeed, we are all connected. God Bless You

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 L Le posted her message of gratitude for an Energy Healing Distance Session January, 2019

 Testimonial:  I purposely withheld certain things I was experiencing and Linda was spot on. I've never had chakra work done on myself nor   for myself so this was an absolute jaw dropping experience for me even as a Law of Attractioner. Of all the practice I have had, this by far   was the quickest manifestation ever. It is definitely a transforming experience, a ride of energy that will cleanse you and you will feel it.  It is   absolutely worth it and II will be working with her again indeed! Thanks Linda Crea! 
  L Le

 Thank You L Le!  Your supportive words of my work WILL allow others to know this type of energy work provides profound benefits!  XOXO

                                   Thank You All for your kind and supportive words.  

Each kind word heals you even more and I have so much Love for you all ~ Linda