There will be..........

 There will be twists, tragedies, heartaches and losses that we all have to face,

 go through,  feel and get over.

 Some will come without warning, some will be hard to explain and some will

 have to be  dealt with through alot of hurt and pain.

 There will be trials when you will stand innocently, but be condemned guilty

 without a  plea.

 There will be tragedies that will take you to your knees, and in silent prayers

 you will  scream for mercy.

 There will be heartaches that will break you with so much pain that getting

 yourself  together again will seem only like a dream.  

 There will be losses who's memories will take you down with misery, where they

 bring  grief, lonliness and sorrow.  But once you face life's tradgedys with dignity,

 go through  life's tradgedys with faith, feel life's tradgedys with tears, and get

 over life's losses with  hope, there will be happieness again.

 Written by:  Sherry Jordan


Why do we cry when we hear certain songs?  I have learned that when we cry or well up with tears when a song is playing it is the holy spirit working through us and filling every cell with divine love.  

On my Confirmation on June 1, 1980 I chose this verse as my Bible Verse to carry me through my journey as a Lutheran.  Now I am a Spiritualist and Christian blend.

Psalm 146:2

I will praise the Lord as long as I live;

I will sing praises to the Lord while I have my being. 

Only since 2009  has it been evident to me how the verse I had chosen when I was 12 would come back into my life and guide me toward enlightenment and my healing journey toward Spiritual growth and development for me and so that I may assist others.


                                                         "Just say Jesus"  by: 7eventh Time Down

                                                               "Cry out to Jesus"  by:  Third Day  

                                                       "Jesus Friend of Sinners"  by: Casting Crown

                                                              "I can only Imaging"    by: Mercy Me

                                         "Amazing Grace"  Written by John Newton   Google John's life story.....

                                           "How Great thou Art"    Sung by:   Carrie Underwood and Vince Gil

​                  "Judge and the Jury and Jesus" Anonymous song writer C/O Linda Crea (find the song below on this page)

All of these songs above are powerful songs that uplift and heal.  They heal us in our greatest times of need.  We are spiritual beings,  we live our lives in these human bodies and are given free will.  We live amongst other human beings in their human bodies who are also given free will. Many humans are living their lives in Ego and dramas, many times we find ourselves in the middle of others drama scenerios.  These situations cause hurt, guilt, shame, fear and other lower emotions.   Often we don't get out of their dramas quickly enough.  If you'd like to you can work on increasing the ratio of joy and love in your life over all negative emotions.  Once the scale tips in favor of the higher emotions and you find yourself making decision from your heart center rather than your ego, than you are on your path toward enlightenment.  You may be on your transformational journey and are in the process of recognizing  and freeing yourself of negativity that surrounded you now.   By escaping from time to time and listening to these songs are powerful to us in that they give us a feeling of the bliss and the joy that we will be given when we transition back to the spirit world and know we are with the divine Holy Spirit once again.  The great escape!  Music is healing and so is Jesus.

It is that when you combine the melody with words that the forces beyond this earth infiltrate our cells and allow humans to shed tears of love. Embrace the tears they are tears of Joy.   These songs stand the test of time, they resonate the truth the light and the power of the diving trinity that feels like we are being showered with champagne bubbles and makes our auras expand larger and larger outward into the universe with Love.   The most powerful video performance is Carrie Underwoods version of How Great Thou Are.  Please take the time to watch the entire video.  Notice where her hands go throughout her performance.  So full of Love she is touching and reaching for her heart chakra because it is so enlarged by her outpouring of powerful love and intaking of the Love of the Universe.

Another way we share in Celebrating Jesus or God or Holy Spirit or the Universal Energy Field is through sharing personal messages given to us.  These messages usually occur when we need them the most.  What is the saying "there isn't any saving without a storm.
​ At times in our lives where we need a hand to help us and we are on our knees crying out for mercy we hear or feel a sensation that awakens us and we are forever changed in glory.      Once you have been saved you will want to be saved again and again because it feels so good.  Song "Keep Making Me"   by: Sidewalk Prophets            Surrender

 I made this space for those of us who have had personal messages from God or the Universe they can vary from a few words to very beautiful messages and poems that the receiver will never forget.   

If you would like to share your message on this site it will be a blessing and honor for me to host it for you.  

Sharing in your personal message may assist in healing others and helping them to connect deeply with God and the Universal energy field.   Pay attention to YSA and your upper chakras.  You may notice tingles or other sensations from your entire human energy field or your aura or just your upper chakras from your heart chakra up.  ​

    Celebrate  jesus


                         A very powerful song:  "Judge, Jury and Jesus"

  I opened the e-mail and recalled the composer of these lyrics telling me a few years back that he had a song about Jesus in his head

  that he hadn't written yet.  I was not expecting this at all on April, 28th, 2015 but I knew this was it was the second I opened it.

  It touched a place in my heart and I wanted to share it. On August 2nd 2016 I received the Demo tape that would magically

  bring the lyrics a life of their own.     

    Four walls and a mattress are his only friends:
    Staring and knowing he could never make amends.                             To Listen for FREE Click the Blue link.
    He lived cold and heartless thinking only of himself;                         If you love it, the download is .99! 
    Now, the Judge and the Jury put him on the shelf.                             

    He never knew his father or a mother’s love;                                                 
    He never learned to pray or seek help from above.
    He never went to school, never had a home;                                   
    When he wasn’t in trouble, he was always alone.                                           

    He learned how to fight and he learned how to steal;
    Surviving on bottles and illegal drug deals.
    He didn’t care who he hurt or families that he tore;
    Just like our Savior, it was the cross that he bore. 

    Early one morning, a man tried to take what he had;
    Was it self-defense or did he just go mad.
    When the authorities arrived, a body laid still;
    They took him way, for the man that he killed. 

    He sat with no emotion or remorse on his face;
    The story was told, the prosecutor made his case.
    Then he remembered the street and the bloody scene;
    Was this reality or only a bad dream. 

    He faced the people when the verdict was read;
    Guilty as charged repeating in his head.
    Recalled was his life filled with crime and hate;
    Again no emotion as he learned his fate. 

    He never felt sorry for taking a life;
    That man was a father and had a wife.
    He knows he deserves for it to end in this way;
    For everything he did it was the only price to pay. 

    The day finally came, he never asked for an appeal;
    No one came to visit and he declined his last meal.
    No final words, no chaplain at his side;
    No tears from the witnesses as he laid there and died. 

    Then a bright light surrounded a sensation he never knew;
    He stood in amazement feeling renewed.
    “Peace In The Valley” playing in his heart;
    He felt born again like he had a fresh start. 

    He turned and saw Jesus sternly staring in his eyes;
    He finally felt fear, He broke down and he cried.
    He coward and said “I am sorry for everything I done”;
    The Lord gently embraced him and said, “I forgive you son.”

    Oh I forgive you my son
    Oh I forgive you 

   Lyrics C/O Linda Crea  ©  April 28, 2015         Demo Tape sung By John Johnson and Created By:

   Composer of lyrics prefers to remain anonymous.  


A poem "There Will Be"  Written by Sherry Jordan © ~ Ohio 2013