Past Messages of the week: 

Will and Grace

~one should not be used without the other.When there is something that you want it is your will.  When Grace is used in obtaining your will the enjoyment of what you have gotten will be multiplied. 

Experience a Shift

~If you notice your self-talk saying "I don't ever, But I can't, I'll never"  Next, replace each one with the words, "How Can I"Gently train yourself to make the “How can I” your truth and 
​           You WILL Experience a Shift

Morning Affirmation

~Each Morning, make a conscious effort and say to yourself "This is going to be a "Glorious Unfolding” Affirm that: All of the events that unfold for me as I experience this day are going to be glorious. Next let them unfold.*do not let negative self-chatter get in your way.
Look for a Miracle 


~Forgive yourself first.God forgives EVERYTHING NO EXCEPTIONSAsk for forgiveness and confess inside your mind....Sit and make a list of things you may want to forgive yourself for. Things that weigh heavy on your conscious. Confess what you did, didn't do, or wish you had done and you will be forgiven. You need to ask. If it is not appropriate to ask for forgiveness to the one you had offended, just give it to GOD. You WILL feel lighter. Even extreme criminals are forgiven. NO EXCEPTIONS...
You are forgiven, your slate is clean.

  Forgiving Others

​~When you or someone you care about has been taken advantage of, or something has been done to you, whether it was intentional or not intentional at the hands of another, it hurts. It may have damaged you emotionally or physically.  All too often we carry around this heavy negative anger or unjust with us for years.  Until the day we can get into a feeling of forgiveness.  It is not always easy to forgive.  It is a process.  Know that in order to fully forgive an action of another, you do not have to release the memory of the "incident" from your memory bank.  That really isn't possible many times, so forgiveness can be obtained by releasing all anger, hatred, and all lower emotions to the Universe or God and asking them to "take the situation."   Ask that God handles the situation so everyone involved will learn and grow from the situation and beam love and light into all of the empty spaces that are now empty in your soul due to expunging all negative and lower emotions.

 If you'd like to take this to the next step and take the Very High Road, you will be a Forgiveness Expert.  Here is the next step...offer this with all honesty and sincerity be able to offer kindness and loving thoughts and prayers to the situation you are forgiving and you will walk away from this situation feeling even better for this is truly a place of God Conscious and you will feel happiness and free.  ~  Namaste


A Military Meditation

Thank You Universe and God and the Collective Cosmos for giving us our warriors.   ​These beautiful, selfless, courageous men and women that make up the US Armed forces.  When we are in need of protection for our country and others in need of protection around the world, you selflessly and willing insert yourselves in dangers’ way to protect the cumulative “us.”  The sacrifices you make to go on these missions are countless. 
If you can try simple meditational experience and sit for a moment and try to feel into my words as if you were watching a play in your mind’s eye , you may have a neat experience to carry with you.  
Go ahead and sit in a chair or lay down with your palms up resting on your lap area.  and begin ...

​ "Choose and picture one star way up in the night sky...May the pure and vibrant light shining down from your star high in the sky beam down over you, hoover over you, make a protective force field of love and light around you on its way down.  This awesome warm light will pass slowly through the crown of your head on it’s way down swirling down lower to your head and neck.  Can you feel it? Then feel into it as it continues to slowly flow downward through your shoulders and arms, torso, then through your hips, thighs, calves, then through your ankles and feet.  Now imagine that your feet are attached to the roots of a large tree that is right behind you. Keep following the current of beautiful streaming light down deep entangled in the tree roots far down deep into the core of the earth.  With the power of the universe coursing love and light on you from the highest star and back again to the core of the earth, you know you are supported by the universe and that you are an invaluable part of it.   ​Now in closing you are sealed in a beautiful golden egg shaped force field and it is packed full of health, healing, abundance, gratitude, peace, Love, jubilation, honor, respect, appreciation, enthrallment, adoration, awe, delight, kindness, excitement, astonishment, glory, belief, hope, bliss, generosity, pride, trust, optimism, recognition, euphoria, satisfaction, friendliness, fondness, entertainment, triumph, amazement, and a life for you to live ahead of you with your eye continuously on the path of your pursuit of Happiness filled with an abundance of Love.
​ ​I hope that roleplaying this with me for a minute gave you a sure sense of strength and peace and know that you are supported by the awesome world that you are a valuable part of.  You are our protectors therefore our nations peace keepers.  You are all of our brothers and sisters as we are all connected by our spirits.  I
want you to experience a minute of Universal Bliss and light.  Know that You Veterans are the light!!   


 Never leave home without it!!

~ On Sunday Sept, 28th, I was leaving my little house to go to Spiritualist Church, as I was closing the front door I went through my checklist.  Do I have my phone, my keys, my whatever, then a brand new question appeared in my mind.  I heard it loud and clear, Do I have love in my heart?   I immediately replied of course I have love in my heart.   A few seconds later, I figured out that my subconscious had delivered my conscious mind a beautiful message.   Of course I have added this to my personal checklist and I wanted to share it with you. 

If every person added the sentiment "Make sure I carry the Love in my heart" to our daily checklist, we may sooner than later enjoy living on Earth as it is in Heaven.  

Way cool!  Live with your Heart chakra wide open

Dig into your YSA!!  Know what you think, how you feel,  what you do, and why you do it. 

Amazing things will be revealed to you ~ 


​Kiss the Cook!

Is there one person in your family or group of loved ones that usually does most of the work?  Is this person cooking or hosting the gatherings, etc.?  This person is likely a nurturer or giver to their core.  Doing all of the cooking, shopping and cleaning seems to come naturally for them and they keep going and going and going.   

Today I will refer to that special person as the "Cook."   The cook usually does seemingy "all" the work and

has a hard time accepting help or gratitude from anyone.   Any compliment will roll right off of them and not really be accepted and internalized by this type of person.   If you ask the cook if you can help with anything they will quickly tell you "no."  They have a very solid presence and when you are told no once, you usually don't insist or ask a second time.   This is just a part of who they are and they do not realize that you might really feel happiness if you could help out too, even in a small way.  

My message today is asking you to Kiss the Cook.  By this I mean to go out of your way,  take the 2 hands of this person and ask them to be still for a moment.  Now look them straight in the eyes and say to him or her,  "I see all you do for all of us every year and I need you to  know how truly blessed we are to have you in our lives and your hard work does not go un-noticed." (you are still looking in his/her eyes) Then you add. "Do  you accept my appreciation?"  The cook may squirm and try to get away from this un-settling situation because they really don't know how to receive help or compliments very well.  I know this because I am a recovering thick skinned nurturer too.  Make sure they feel your honest praise and Thanks giving!  If there are tears, your cook may be receiving. :)

              Share your Love and Appreciation for Everything.   Do not leave it untold.........

Cheers to a Big helping of Love to make your Thanksgiving 2014 be the Happiest Thanksgiving Ever!! 


Unbending Intent

​  ~Have you ever used unbending intent?  Do you know what it is and how how powerful it is?  In the Law of Attraction it is defined as the force or powerful flow of energy resulting in the higher good.  In everyday life it can be used as a heck of a powerful tool to manipulate a situation, get ​revenge, control, or get an end result that is pleasing to the user of it.  Here is an example, "I will teach her a lesson or two." "When she comes near me again I will get her good” and you can only imagine what damaging words and actions will come next.  That sounds pretty firm and unbending.  It is probably revenge, right?  Another example is "I am going to get that new job, I don't care what I have to do to get it!"  That too sounds very unbending with a direct intention in mind.  

When I hear words being formed in sentences like the above two, it signals a few thoughts in my mind.  Could there be a better less damaging way to use your Unbending Intent.  Could it be time to drop the sword and manage the situation in another way?  I am positive there is a better way to accomplish the goal without wasting your unbending intention in a negative fashion.   Unbending Intention is power and passion and drive.  It might be better used with a good intention and higher more positive uses.  If I need to say a prayer for myself or someone I will use my Unbending Intention to Plead with God and the Universe for a miraculous solution for the situation or physical issue to be healed. Activists on a varieties of Hot topics and other passionate and valuable humanitarian groups with gigantic goals sometimes end up in jail and hurting others proving "their points" because of their free use of unbending intent to bring attention to their personal views that they want others to notice.  I really want this message to suggest to you that if you use your Unbending Intent in a negative power way, it may get you the short term prize or goal you have been after, but when the time comes and you need to forgive yourself for the hurtful way you once wielded your sword, you will likely need to heal your wounds too. One day you may review your actions of yesterday and notice you are harboring guilt, shame or remorse for your actions.  The wounds may not be noticeable to the human eye, but inner wounds hurt just as much or more than wounds caused by physical accidents or injuries. Please take notice of your Unbending Intent and how you choose to use it.    
​~My highest, most loving and joyful intentions are now sprinkled like wildflowers all over YOU!
Aunt Lorraine, the Wildflowers comment is for you!! ~ With Love Linda    

Giving Love and  Support

Loving, supporting and allowing each person to be who whey really "be" throughout their lives is very important.   Remember this sentiment for this Holiday Season and for eternity.   

Giving Love, Giving support, Giving acceptance for all to express individuality feels good and for me creates a sense of internal peace.   These gifts are truly the best gift we can give to one another.

As I honor Jesus's Birthday as in my opinion he was the best spiritual and physical healer that ever lived on earth, I believe he is the true Prince of Peace. I also honor each individual's belief systems. I appreciate and respect their core values and joyful personal standards that they chose to include in their happy existence so we can live harmoniously among each other on this earth.

 I salute to coexisting with all of my soul brothers and sisters ~  Namaste

All we need is Love <3
​Nothing fancy, just Love ...John Lennon had a hand in that XO

From the First

"More of us would reach a high degree of sanctity if only we were directed properly from the first" Quote by St. Therese Lisieux from Her Autobiography The Story of a Soul


​Looking for Hope


~Throughout the Holiday Season  beginning before Thanksgiving and lasting until New Year, it seems we have or hear of more people transitioning or dying than other times of the year.  Our culture performs beautiful, beautiful memorial services and burials which celebrates their lives and honors them.  We are left to grieve their loss and move forward day to day without them in our daily lives anymore.  It is difficult.  Many of us do not get a glimpse of what the "other side" might be like so we shush it away and do not consider it to be a real place of being.  If you are one that has never considered there is no separation between your loved one that has crossed and us and that there is only a veil between us and them to be the truth than I have something for you to read that just might make you see differently.  It is a true story and it continues today.

I have a dear friend who published a book Fall 2014 with Tate Publishing.  It is called Picking up the Pieces of Hope, Written by Marianne Stone.   Marianne has a son Joey Stone that had a swimming accident in Connecticut and died instantly.  Their family had lost a son at the age of 18.  This was more than a decade ago.  Three days after Joeys burial, one of his four sisters said, "I see Joey walking down the hall and into his bedroom!"  Next everyone rushed into his bedroom and .............this is where the heartbeat of the story begins to beat again.  The book tells actual stories between the family and Joey and allows the readers to grasp just how much "the other side" is connected to us through their souls and ours.  The story begins with getting to know Joey and the accident and then is chock full of stories that will fill your hearts and minds with awe and wonder.  Gianni, Joey's youngest sister sees and speaks with Joey almost every day.

Marianne is from North Branford, CT and has many book signing events locally!!  She is so wonderful to share her gift of Joey's return to her family with the world through this book.  Marianne will embrace all of you if you were to show up at a book signing event and meet her in person.

May we never forget that sometimes we need to Pick up the Pieces of Hope, and believe because the reality is that they are all still close to us however we all can not see through that veil.

~My tribute to Joey Stone and His Family With Love    #34


Your Permission Slip

Sometimes we need an official permission slip in order to take action and make a change in our life. Today I grant you permission to get rid of one thing in your life that is holding you back that no longer serves you, and allow one new thing to enter into your life.  

                                This is your life, you get to decide what the exchange will be.

                                     Always believe in Miracles ~



"I cannot change those who are not I AM, for I AM only me"
                                                                                  ~ Linda Crea


 Do you ever feel Stuck?

 You are going "NO WHERE" and You feel Stuck.  The Late Dr. Wayne Dyer taught me that if you take a look at these words and move the first letter of the second word to the end of the first word, suddenly you see new words..."NOW HERE."   When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.      

~God Bless You and Many Thanks Wayne



The Big Reveal!  How something you never knew you had as a part of your physicality

can be so valuable to how you feel emotionally and physically.  Something I wish I knew when I was younger but my sphere of influence was never informed either!!  I am so delighted to share this life changing information with you. Please join me Thursday evening Oct. 8th.  This will be an eye opening experience for healthcare workers in every field ~ Rejoice ~



I have signed a permission slip that permits you to "Just Be."  Simply be in the moment and enjoy a sense of peace.  You are the creator of your reality so you can decide the amount of time you would like to be in "just be mode."  Whether it is two minutes, five minutes or an hour, I hope you enjoy the peace ~ If you are paying attention to your chakras and YSA Your Self Awareness, notice any sensations you feel.      
                                 Today ~ Just Be 

To Love is a divine glimpse of heaven


No matter what your fortune or what your fame, God Loves us all the same ... ~ Linda Crea


Loving the Outcome          

​                  What is the most Beautiful question anyone has ever asked you? 

Reflecting back to ​​Mid March 2009.  A dear soul brother looked me straight eyes and asked me, "Have you ever made a single decision for yourself in your life?" 

I did not realize how life changing that question was until the past year or so.  It changed my life because in only a few weeks after the question was posed to me, I did it, I finally took control of my life. Yes,  I finally found my inner strength and began making my own decisions for once.

It was not easy at first, and for 3 years I lived a dark night of the soul.  As I was letting go of everything in my life that was not resinating with who I really was and my values.   One by one letting go of everything, even physical things I thought had meaning to me.   

The outcome was that  I reclaimed my life.   The outcome is that my soul fits perfectly in the skin I am in and I am happy and feel  quite blessed.  

I am grateful that my fearless friend asked me that powerful question.  I am not sure if he knows how greatly his being honest with me had  impacted my happy life today. 

One may question the adjective Beautiful when describing the question I was asked.  I feel it is the most honest description is Beautiful because look at the outcome.  

                        I am Love ~ I am free to be me                     Namaste ~  Linda Crea   

 11-15-2016  MY CD!! Guided Meditation:

A Relaxing yet powerful experience using your imagination ~ You will invite people you know into your experience in the privacy of your own mind.  You will be guided to observe the  people  in your life closely and explore many  methods of forgiveness. This is very powerful  personal  work.  Of course the great thing here is, you  will be offered many options and you can do the important work  when you are ready.  It is your personal role play  journey! I Am very excited to offer this work.  Available on my site and CDBaby.com

4-1-2018                                      Easter Message
Much of my work begins and ends with gratitude for Jesus's assistance.  Whether it is voice communicated soul coaching, prayer, or hands on healing, without the Divine Spirit energy flow of Love that we can easily refer to as God, Dow, Ram, The All, The everything, and also in Jesus name I am happy to honor the Celebration of Easter and remembrance that he has risen!  He has risen indeed, Hallelujah. Have a Truly Blessed Life ~ I Love You 

9-9-2016                            HOT NEWS!!!!!
  I am currently in production of my first book!!  It will serve as a bridge between Eastern  and  Western  medicine. It is written in dedication to a wonderful Group of hospitals that  wrote a most helpful manual  for patients to read prior to having a surgical procedure.  Designed with hopes that the patient will read  it, take it  seriously and recover from  surgery quicker.   I read it, I took every word very seriously and it  worked wonders for me,  and I am grateful. I was very observant throughout my experience and all of  the details of  my experience were journaled and quickly transformed into my story only 20 days post  surgery.  It is inspirational, helpful, funny at times, brutally honest and packed with Love  and  Gratitude.    Look for this by late Summer 2018!! 


  Past Messages of the Week

As a past Realtor I used to write notes to myself all of the time.  Those notes included addresses of properties, dates and times for showings, and a host of other very important information.  I was really good at making these notes on every type of scrap paper available to me.  

Now that I am a Love Guru, I noticed that I do the same thing but the Love Guru Goddess in me finds that my current style of notes contain words that come to me through my higher self, or words that I hear snowballing into profound meaningful messages that make a difference in my life as I grow and evolve on this planet. 

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do~ Namaste