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Reasons you would consider a spiritual energy session.

A daily meditation practice is a great place to connect with life force energy

If you are reading this, there may be something bothering you, or you may be in search of help for your clients or someone you love. Everyone really wants to feel healthy, happy and whole again.

Do you feel depressed, anxious, do you have fibromyalgia, effects of a stroke, sciatica pain, back problems, or neck problems. Have you had many surgeries or chemotherapy treatments? Are you aware that residue from chemo and anesthesia stagnate in your energy field? Those chemicals that helped you at one time often leave heavy residues in your energy field.  Even residue from medications and recreational drugs ingested years back may still affect you now in the form of depression, night terrors, brain fog and other physical and emotional problems. Energy healings have been known to help with these problems. Think back to when your presenting complaint began.  Did it begin right after a surgery or other emotional trauma. If you can figure out exactly what was going on at the time of your life when your presenting complaint appeared, it will help tremendously in your healing process.  

Spiritual energy work clears your chakras and energy field allowing the healing sequence to begin.  This is something that traditional talk therapy alone can not provide. 
Have you tried all of the conventional western medical methods and still searching for help? 

Here are some of the most common problems people come with:



Sciatica pain

Back & neck problems

Kidney stones

Night terrors


Sleep issues
Side effects from chemo

Side effects from anesthesia
Immune system problems

Skin issues

Kidney stones


High blood pressure
Feeling scattered

Lack of clarity and confidence


Inflammation in your body
Feeling as if you were once happy and you can't seem to be happy again!
Searching for new methods of support

Searching for life purpose

Feeling depleted, overused

Seeking full relaxation

Looking to stimulate your immune system

You feel stuck and may have energy blockages

You need an energy boost to get back into life!
You would like support for further personal growth and spiritual evolution

You may be curious and interested in new experiences.

Physical and emotional healings are possible, releasing blockages is a great place to begin your healing journey.  

What does a spiritual energy worker and coach do?

A spiritual energy worker uses life force or universal energy to clear blocks in the chakras and energy fields for themselves and others. They learn to connect to a high vibrational flow of energy, how to use it and direct it.  It feels like being bathed in the most divine pure loving energy. You may experience a glimpse of this during an energy session, meditation or when you are in a very uplifted state doing an activity you love. Once you feel it, you will know what it is.

The energy flows through the practitioner and is transferred to the client, allowing this loving energy to flow from one to another. Energy healers may be referred to as, "Shaman," which is a fancy word for someone who works with energy. This is similar to reiki yet spiritual energy comes naturally from a high place that has no limitations. This is a proven and powerful way to clear energetic blocks and allow healing energy to flow in. A host of ailments both emotional and physical resolve.  Energetic blocks in your field and chakras result in causing negative effects. Each person who receives a healing will have a unique experience. Most experience a feeling of peace, the client can usually feel the waves of energy move up and down their physical body. This feeling occurs during the session and may continue for an undetermined time afterward, usually until the client integrates back into their activities.  

What is a Spiritual Energy Healing session like?

The objective of each session is to balance, align, clear and repair the energy centers. As your chakras are cleared of stagnant energy, your energetic system is able to flow freely. There are seven main chakras. If one or more chakras are blocked, the flow is disrupted. When chakras are all open at the same time, clients feel a sudden change in mental clarity and report many other positive effects too. Most people feel changes during or immediately after the session. This feeling will continue few days post session, when more stagnant energy will continue sloughing off in layers for a few days post session. This opens the path for your body’s innate healing to begin.  Always believe a total healing is possible. 

A session takes place with the client fully clothed and either lying on a treatment table, or sitting comfortably however they are most comfortable. During the session the practitioner use their hands in a non-invasive manner to move energy blockages. This may be accomplished by lightly placing their hands on the body in a series of locations from the feet to the head.  Although light touch is often used during a session, it is not always necessary, or needed to move the energy. In addition, following the session, the practitioner will offer guidance and coaching in order to assist achieving the desired outcome for each client. During a session, a client may have a variety of experiences, or responses. Some clients feel immediately relaxed, or fall asleep. Others have vivid dreams, see colors with their eyes closed or experience a surge of feelings as the energy blockages are being released. Some may experience warmth or coolness, some may cough or their belly's will gurgle. Most people feel waves of energy around their bodies which is a feeling they have never experienced before, while others feel relaxed or nothing. Each session is a personal and unique experience.

Generally positive effects are noticed after the first session. Depending on the nature of the presenting problem, a plan can be developed to include maintenance visits which will taper off in time. Most often, lifestyle adjustments are important in order achieve the deep emotional or physical health and wellness changes the client came to achieve.

Spiritual Energy Healing is not intended to replace traditional medicine, but will be used in conjunction with any conventional plan of care already in place. Please make sure you talk with your medical care professionals before adding to or omitting from your current health care plan.

Both distance and in-person sessions have the same immediate sensations and outcome. Linda works with a high frequency of energy to perform this type of work. She is not a licensed medical practitioner or therapist of any kind, but her work is effective. Please read testimonials that clients have given.  You may be the next person to share what you experienced during and after your energy or coaching session. Spiritual energy work is one of those things that you may not believe until you have experienced it for yourself.   

*Linda or anyone associated with Spiritual Radiance or any services offered here are NOT licensed medical professionals or medical treatments for a cure. We offer services that compliment conventional medicine. If you are under any medical care of a licensed medical Doctor or Mental Health Professional please do not alter your current care plan without consulting your Doctor first.