On February 20th Woke was launched! I am elated to tell you that it achieved #1 New release and #3 and #6 best seller in two categories on launch day.  For a signed copy, press contact Linda above. 

Do you rock during your meditation? 

What does this mean? *this is a favorite on You Tube. 

Before the book launched the co-authors of WOKE put together a FREE E-Book full of tips and a summit too. The video below gives you a peek into each of the topics presented in the Tips E-Book! Log on now for the download of both while it is still available. 


                                                      RADIANT YOU

  Spiritual Transformation Course 

Course includes:

  • 52 lessons sent to your inbox one at a time every Sunday evening.  Many lessons include videos. 
  • 48 Motivation Monday live Zoom webinars, hosted at 11:30am EST. These will be recorded and sent to your inbox. All those who are enrolled in the course are encouraged to attend weekly.
  • 48 Live Zoom chat sessions for higher spiritual growth and healing topics. Hosted live at 7:00 PM EST. These will be recorded and sent to your inbox.  All those who are enrolled in the course are encouraged to attend weekly.
  • Students have access to a closed Facebook group upon enrollment. This is another great way to ask questions and be supported through the year.
  • Biweekly Thursday afternoons healing meditations will be hosted on Facebook Live in our special group.  Each meditation features a different healing journey. These weekly journeys will open you up to even more self awareness, allowing more blissful energy to flow through you. These will be hosted on Facebook live at 2:00 EST. They are saved on the site if you can’t make it to the weekly events.​

*This is a revolving course. Everyone begins at lesson 1, so enroll any week you would like.
*Monday and Wednesday live classes WILL NOT be hosted Christmas week, Thanksgiving week, Memorial Day week or Fourth of July week. 

I am looking forward to meeting you in class, so sign up today!

I am grateful be of service,

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      Always live in Joy ~


   Linda's Vision: To create a supportive environment that God would approve of,                                                and where love heals everything.

                Linda Crea 

Author​ of A Spiritual Recovery 

       and Co-Author of Woke 

​    Certified Spiritual Energy Healer 

​    Transformation Coach & Teacher


                         ​​​​I am happy to announce my new year long spiritual classroom!

                                                           RADIANT YOU

                                                Spiritual Transformation Course